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Do you know how to tease a woman?#lesbian #hardcore #BDSM #mistress #indian #tattoos #leather #yoga

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Like any girl I used to dreame of a Fairytale wedding
which I had but while becoming an adult I realized that the film industry sells a lot of shit and now I'm hapily divorced , I am very happy enjoying my independence.
No demands Be nice If you make me smile you will get rewarded Don’t make me feel uncomfortable Do not insult me or the people in my room Say something about you that no one knows
Sometimes I wish to have a life full of adrenaline
Sometimes I wish to have a life full of adrenaline, adventures, travel, suspense, maybe I've watched to much Queen of the South but I do identify my strenght with Teresa's
My dream:
I dream to go scubadiving on a coral reef in maldives maybe :D
I like to have a sharp mind in a healthy body
Going to the gym for me is a priority and I am extremely careful with what I eat I have never been fat but it is my biggest nightmare
I've always been an example for the other kids
always behaving, always doing what is right, always being polite, always being on tme (unbelievable for a woman), always trying to make the people around me happy and now i've decided to explore things that bad girls do.
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